Here comes another $2 trillion government plan to help with the ongoing, never-ending, coronavirus pandemic. It’s already kicked in $3 trillion. Does anyone want to end the pandemic? Without a host, the virus will die in a week. Here’s what we do: Shut the country down for a month. Close everything. Stores, clinics, freeways, borders...

Give everyone a two-week notice to get out and gather all their supplies for meals, meds, and projects, whatever. Go ahead and empty the stores of all the perishables. There will be some that can’t afford to purchase a month of supplies. Those should receive a ‘stimulus’ check. There will be more that can’t afford to be out of work or business for a month. Again, a stimulus check.

Then shut the doors for four short weeks. 

Sure, there will be emergencies like dental, medical, plumbing, etc. If you have to go out, you’ll be quarantined in a designated and adapted hotel for 2 weeks, and for good measure, a separate hotel for another week. That’s if you can find a dentist or service provider willing to be quarantined for 3 weeks after each visit. 

Or we can keep doing what we’re doing and open everything back up. This is a war on a virus. Hit it head on like a charge. Just like any war, we expect and accept casualties. But unlike a conventional war where most of the killed are our youngest with a long life cut short, this war takes mostly the already sick, aged and infirmed. Sorry. 

Eventually, the strong will survive and adapt. However, you can be sure this isn’t the last war of its kind. It may just be starting. With increasing human settlement displacing animal habitat, more novel (never seen before) viruses will infect our populations. We already have drug-resistant bacteria. Viruses are even more virile. They’ve proven they can mutate, evolve and multiply much faster than we can react. It’s time to quit hiding behind our masks and take the kids’ gloves off.

Thomas Brace

Star Prairie


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