I attended one of Rep. Gae Magnafici’s recent listening sessions. It was a sobering and depressing experience.  

In Magnafici’s campaign literature she promised to “protect and strengthen” rural schools. Now that she is in office, Gae supports diverting money from rural schools to pay for vouchers. Despite multiple constituents stating that they did NOT want their tax dollars diverted to vouchers, Rep. Magnafici refused to even consider it.

When citizens expressed extreme concern about CAFOs (factory farms) including massive manure spills that have already devastated parts of Wisconsin. Magnafici mumbled, “I heard something about that,” and then sought to divert the conversation elsewhere.

At the meeting, a self-proclaimed conservative said he hoped that Gae would not work to strip local municipalities of power/control and give it to Madison like her predecessor, Adam Jarchow, did. However, that this is exactly what Gae is doing.  Magnafici co-authored AB-277 that shifts even more control from local governments to Madison (a move that both The Wisconsin Counties Association and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities are against, but not Gae.)

I am an independent voter who votes for the best candidate regardless of party. Next time around, I hope others will join me. We deserve better.

Laura Tiede



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