This is the tale of a tiny road, in a magical city, called Wiscola. 

The citizens were good and kind, the Royal Court, generous and selfless. But an evil force cursed the town: the Red Tape Virus. The citizens dared not admit the existence or even speak its name.

This tiny road had 14 cottages of good, tax-paying citizens. Some within the village paid upwards of 6,000 gold coins each year to live within the good city. The Wiscola school owned part of the road border: the school buses, the peace officers, the mail deliverers, the refuse collectors and other important good citizens used the road daily.

Now, this road was classified as “private”, as it was never properly paved when the Jared Road cottages were built. The road had fallen into severe disrepair. The potholes made the road almost unmanageable; the horse carts often broke, the wheels needing regular replacement from the damage.

The citizens of the road did their best to manage it, every couple months filling deep holes by hand. However, the heavy rain and snow wiped away any temporary solution the citizens could devise. 

It became clear, the only answer was to get help from the Royal Court. The greatest chance of improvement came when the Royal Court offered to patch a small section of the broken road… but then, the Red Tape Virus infected again. 

The citizens would need to raise about 100,000 additional gold coins to pave the road into proper shape to make the road “public”... for the city take full control and maintenance of the road.

See, the Red Tape Virus was the unspoken force behind what did, and what did not, happen in the city. It could choose when to allow great buildings to be built, officials to be elected, projects to be funded. Or, it could attack in the worst ways.... Allowing buildings to be built, officials to be elected, or projects to be funded. 

As with many other issues, the citizens were stuck, the Royal Court had no other options. 

This true story comes with a moral. The fate of Jared Road, and all future issues of the city, depends on the choice of the citizens and Royal Court: fight against the Red Tape Virus, break it’s rules, and remove its power… or allow it to continue to infect the very essence that makes Wiscola, magical.

Jordan Mederich



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