For once, I agree with something Joe Biden said the other day when he said the November election is a “battle for the soul of the nation.”

  I have always thought of the soul as a spirit inside each one of us which guides us to see what is right, is nearest to God and lives on for eternity after our body dies.

  Looking at the two election choices this fall, they have nothing in common with the other.  Democrats support abortion, open borders, anarchy, reverse discrimination, more welfare, lawlessness, socialism, gay rights, marijuana, secular religion, abolishment of the nuclear family and more big government to name some of them.  

  Republicans support a strong military, pro-life, secure borders, jobs, law and order, capitalism, gun rights, freedom of religion, the traditional nuclear family, school choice, lower taxes and government deregulation to name a few.

  Biden is horrendously wrong in referring to the Democrats as being the champion of our nation’s soul.  In fact, Democrats will kill our soul as quickly as they have killed off 60 million unborn babies since Roe v. Wade.     

  To the people burning and looting in our communities and those allowing them to do so, you all need to wake up before we find ourselves living in a third world country!  That is where many Democrats are trying to take us today.  

  I can’t begin to fathom why any rational person would believe Democrats would be any good for our nation.  They killed off the real DFL years ago.  Today they are quickly becoming the Party of Destruction.

Thomas Wulf

New Richmond


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