My wife, Allison, and I have been blessed to call Osceola home for over two years now. Prior to moving here I had played a high school playoff football game in Osceola in 2008. The Hayward/LCO Hurricanes vs Osceola Chieftains. One thing I recall about that game was the Osceola Cheerleaders came to our sideline to welcome us and teach our cheerleaders some cheers.  It was not something we had ever seen before. In 2009 we played the Chieftains again, but this time in Hayward. I never forgot the friendly welcome we received the previous year and how well these men and women represented their home everywhere they went. 

Allison and I had previously lived in North Minneapolis for five years after getting married and having lived downtown at our college prior to that, we were looking for a change. We missed the small town life in Wisconsin.  When we bought our home on Third Ave, but feared it would be hard breaking into the small town culture, but our first Sunday we walked into Osceola Community Church and felt at home. We were greeted by people who were excited to meet us and immediately began introducing us to others. We felt cared for and supported and it never stopped. This treatment continued into every part of this community from businesses to government. 

Osceola has history to be proud of and is a beautiful area, but the magic of Osceola is the people! I have been greeted with warm welcomes and understanding at traffic stops by our local village police. The business in town welcome us enthusiastically and always greet our son Carson like he is the best part of their day, and our neighbors have beat us to blowing the snow off the sidewalk countless times.  This place has not made it hard to become a part of this community at all, instead this community embraced us. The people in Osceola are one of a kind and I am so glad we moved here.  This is truly a wonderful place and I am so glad to call the Village of Osceola home!  

Josiah E. Williams  



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