How can anyone swear, before God and man, to be an impartial juror in the impeachment trial of Trump, but not want to hear from John Bolton, Mark Mulvaney and at least 80 others who have first hand-knowledge of related to the phone calls Between Trump and Ukrainian President Bloldymr Zelenskiy? It would only take four Republican senators to side with Democrats force the Senate into, at least, the semblance of a fair trial. Dozens of witnesses risking their jobs and careers, have have given damning test testimony of Trumps actions and all for naught? These witnesses and whistle should be regarded true Americans and Heroes.

Does anyone see the danger to our Democracy when elected officials the Republican controlled Senate give blind allegiance to (if you fact check at all Trumps History)  a corrupt man?  Study your history books.  

You will see striking similarities there are between the Rise of Adolf Hitler  in Nazi Germany and the political landscape we live in today where Trump attacks anyone and everything including our News media, FBI, CIA and anyone else that disagrees with him. Hitler did the same thing in Germany. His  Slogan basically was (Make Germany Great Again) How did that work out?

Have the lives of every man and woman who died to preserve the American ideals of Truth, Justice and the American way been given in vain? 

Dennis Klinkhamer

Clear Lake

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