Since the article in the Sun regarding the postal carriers not being able to do the food drive, many in the community have stepped up with their donations. Three families decided to conduct their own food drive in their own communities. Moms and their children put out flyers one week stating they would be back the following Saturday to collect food for The Open Cupboard. The response was great with four shopping carts full of food.

Dennis Neumann and Wendell Viebrock donated two cows and processing which gave the food shelf over 1,000 lbs. of beef. Our donations from giveBig were more than in previous years. The volunteers and patrons of The Open Cupboard thank you very much.

We would also like to thank all those involved in Empty Bowls. The time and effort it takes to organize such an event is overwhelming. Once again, the community came out and supported the cause. How can you not when you see the passion these students and staff have in an effort to help others in need?

Someone else that has always been there for us is Bill Chantelois. Every month he donates two cases of paper towels and a case toilet paper to the food shelf. We never have to ask, it is just something he does.

Finally, thank you to the seven churches involved in the BackPack program. From October thru May each church is given a specific item to bring in for the back packs. This year we had an average of 38-40 back packs each week. The families also received a milk coupon weekly and once a month a coupon for a pound of ground beef and a $10 coupon for veggies. The Open cupboard goes through a lot of food during these months and the churches help significantly.

To all involved, thank you for helping your neighbors in need.

The Open Cupboard Volunteers


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