The recent tragedies that have occurred are the byproduct of the hateful, fear mongering president we currently have. The shooter in El Paso even quoted myriad comments from Trump and Fox in his screed before he killed more than 20 people in cold blood, one mother while trying to protect her 2-year-old child. 

Since Trump took office white nationalism terrorism is on the rise and the numbers are real. They cannot be normalized, rationalized, certainly not on the new blame game of videos, full moon, whatever.

Our president is at the helm of these atrocities with his words. His violent rhetoric (“you can only shoot them in the panhandle, they’re invaders, they’re dirty….”) has spawned a white nationalistic army coming out from under the rocks to unleash terror empowered by Trump’s words or lack of sympathy for people who are not white. His complete and total silence about white nationalistic terrorism is the proof that Trump is a white nationalist. (“Good people on both sides.”. at a neo Nazi march!)

That said, now its up to us to return our country to sane, humane, truly empathetic kindness for which we have been known around the world. The way to do this is to show the Republican sycophants the door. Their silence in the face of the most current horrors demonstrates their pathetic boot licking in the pursuit of campaign donations and committee assignments which will haunt them as they realize they traded their soul for gold. 

Elect a representative that embraces the American dream, that shows kindness instead of fomenting fear, that truly follows the golden rule. (Hint Ron Johnson, very quiet indeed, is not one of these, neither is Sean Duffy). Overthrow the gerrymandered state that Wisconsin has become and stand courageously against these minions. To stand aside is to be equally complicit in this disaster we’re watching in slow motion.

Jenny Six


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