Dave Anderson wrote last week that “there is enough blame for nearly all of us” regarding the Farmington mine. I agree. However, he has parceled out the servings of blame in ways I wouldn’t have. For one, without doing the research, I would hazard a guess that the Farmington Town Board did, in fact, hold a public meeting and discussion, perhaps even a public hearing about the North 40 mine permit. Did anyone other than board members, the applicants and the press attend? Likewise, I would wager that said meeting was posted at the town hall and the other official posting places as prescribed by law. I’m sure we could also look back at old editions of The Sun and find where a meeting notice, if not the full agenda, was published. There certainly was a news story written about the transfer when it happened. The fact that people are mad only now is not evidence of official malfeasance retroactively, whatever one may think of the decision that was made. As members of the electorate, it’s our job to review the agendas, attend meetings, support and read local newspapers, and air our grievances if warranted.  An active and awake electorate could have been involved at the time and done something about the situation. As the lesson goes: ignore your rights and they will go away.

Kyle Weaver


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