Regarding the upcoming referendum for the Osceola School District, your readers should know that the state implemented major funding cuts in 2012, pushing more of the funding responsibility down to local property taxpayers, and freezing a school district’s funding when a referendum fails.

With a projected state surplus of about $600 million, the governor recently called the legislature into special session to provide relief for both school funding and property taxes. Instead of working with the governor, the legislature gaveled in and out of the session in less than a minute and instead sent him a bill that had neither. This is what Rep. Magnifici was touting last week. No one should be surprised it was vetoed.

Also last week Bernie Desmarais launched his candidacy for the school board with a conspiracy theory that the District is trying to hide something, because it is planning 5 years out while only asking for a 2-year funding bump. It’s no secret that both private and public entities plan past their next budget cycle all the time. It’s called due diligence.

Ask your elected officials why the state is no longer providing the two-thirds funding it promised us. Skip the conspiracy theories. Inform yourself on the upcoming referendum and consider supporting this modest “pay it forward” investment in the Osceola community that we have all benefited from. Our kids deserve it. 

Bob Wright


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