I believe our Polk County Board of Supervisors used poor judgment when they voted to seat Dan Ruck as supervisor of District 6.  That followed the more egregious choice of Chairman Chris Nelson to put Ruck’s name forward. (My objection has nothing to do with Mr. Ruck.)

Nelson said he asked the board’s vice chairmen for suggestions and talked to people in that district.  He need not have done any of those things. The electors of District 6—304 of them-- had already spoken by voting for Mike Miles. Even though there’s no policy on the books regarding replacing a supervisor, the voters made their choice and it is not Nelson’s place to over-rule that. This is not democracy at its finest; it smacks of cronyism.

The county board needs to write a policy that requires the chairperson to appoint the runner-up in an election, when a similar situation occurs. The County Board is supposed to be non-partisan. It’s up to the rest of us to monitor the people we voted to represent us. 

Barb Wetzel



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