The Osceola Royalty program has been a staple in this community for over 70 years. Community members who have served as a part of Osceola Royalty make up our neighbors, business owners, colleagues and friends and women who wore their crown decades ago still look back on that time with fond memories and great pride. When we were tasked to take over the program, we didn’t quite know where to start but we knew we wanted to continue the incredible work that came before us. But we also recognized that changes needed to be made for the program to continue to grow and truly benefit the young ladies who participate. 

With the help of the Osceola Community Fairboard we have slowly started to introduce some positive updates including the addition of the Junior Miss title for seventh graders as well as opening the age range for Miss Osceola candidates to include sophomores and juniors. It is our hope that these changes will help us attract more quality candidates each year.

We have also decided to introduce a title change that will take affect for the 2020-2021 group and beyond. The young ladies who participate in this program are asked to hold themselves to the highest standards. We ask them to show maturity in all they do, to display poise and passion and to represent this community with pride. They attend over 100 events over the course of their reign and we require near-perfect attendance for all parades and appearances. They represent our community not only in northwest Wisconsin but also in the greater Twin Cities area and beyond. Their work goes beyond a pretty crown and dress – they are true ambassadors of this community and we want them to feel that way. Because of that, we have decided to transition from the Osceola Royalty program to the Osceola Ambassador program. The Osceola Ambassadors will continue to be a program for young ladies in our community and they will still get to wear sparkling crowns and pretty dresses, but they will hold a title of true distinction. The integrity of the program will stand with minor changes to organization and structure. When our Ambassadors retire their crowns at the end of their reign, they can confidently move forward and use their experiences to help them get into college, get jobs and potentially hold leadership roles as adults. We follow in the footsteps of several other very successful programs who have made this change and we are confident that it will be a positive one for our community. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email We would be happy to speak with anyone regarding these exciting changes.

The Osceola Ambassador Committee  

Jamie Nelson – Osceola Ambassador Director

Jason Tempel – Osceola Ambassador Director

Brooke Kulzer – Osceola Ambassador Committee

Jennifer Kirchberg – Osceola Ambassador Committee

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