Well, the president has decided to declare a national emergency. He is declaring this based on the lies of the need to stop drug smuggling, to stop sex trafficking, to stop murderers and to stop gangs. He is lying because more drugs are passed through legal border crossings than come across illegal crossings. He is lying because sex trafficking comes from all over the globe and mainly from American citizens. He is lying because the number of murders and violent crime from immigrants has been statistically insignificant. Far more Americans kill Americans by gun violence. No school shooting has been perpetrated by undocumented aliens He is lying because the Alt Right and Nazi gangs, grown in America, are more dangerous to average citizens than any other source.

This president, for whom lying is his only form of public declaration, must be opposed. He is attempting to steal American taxpayer money from social welfare and international welfare programs that really try to help human beings. Instead, he is trying to build a monument, that experts believe is useless, so that his dwindling base of support will stay with him to his bitter end.

I find it hard to believe that more than 2,000 Latin American children, who have recently been housed in internment camps, pose a risk to American citizens. The only risk they pose is the damage to the American soul. This president is manufacturing a national emergency for political purposes only. The only national emergency that exists is the lying perpetrated by the administration in Washington D.C.  That includes Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and all the second-rate hangers-on in what is left of the president’s cabinet.

Arnold Potek


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