In a letter to The Sun, Mr. Bob Wright points out that a thoughtful member of the Plan Commission as well as a long-term election official recently resigned. He attributes it to bullying and rude behavior by a clique trying to take over the town of Osceola government. He also states that the newest board member and his “clique” have demanded an audit of the clerk/treasurer’s office, when they do not know what her job entails. He states further that this so called “clique” has been rude to guest speakers at the plan commission meetings and that they question the board chair.

My response below: 

How dare they have the audacity to question the board chair! Oh the madness! The humanity!

I have no idea why the thoughtful member of the planning commission left, or why the long-term election official left, and frankly it’s none of my business. Their reasons are their reasons. Mr. Wright, who must also be clairvoyant, has informed us that he can pinpoint the problem. It’s the “clique” trying to take over town government. 

Referencing the clerk/treasurer, he states that the newest board member wanted an audit and that we have no idea what her job entails. Well we do know what her job entails because there are 19 more doing the same job in the county for an average annual wage of $24,000 while our clerk/treasurer was paid in excess of $48,000 per year plus had an assistant making over $6,000 per year. That’s double what others are making for the same job.

As regards the new board member and his “clique”, it is you Mr. Wright, and the other members of the plan commission, and long-term board members, that think it is your God given right to run the town with no oversight. What you call a clique are in fact the citizens of the town exercising their right to attend meetings and question authority. At the meeting of Oct. 22, we had over fifty people in attendance. That is not a clique. It is concerned citizens interested in how the town is being managed. You can call it bullying, as is your right, but you are wrong.

As a side note, whatever myself and the so-called “clique” can do to increase attendance, we will. Why? Because government needs transparency or democracy dies in darkness.


Tom Magnafici


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