Well, the man who acts as if he were a President has put his foot in his mouth again. His useless response to one of America’s great agonies is to focus on mental health as a way to prevent mass shootings. This is a slap in the face of people who struggle with mental illness. And, it is a way not to have to commit to doing something useful for this ongoing epidemic carnage caused by high powered weapons.

Research has shown that people with mental illness are involved in less crime than the average population. And they are involved in less violent crime. What Trump is doing is deflecting any responsibility for failure to solve this problem. Instead, he is blaming people who cannot defend themselves because they may be afraid to call attention to their illness. As always, Trump has shown that he is a coward and a bully.

The solution is to ban all military assault weapons. These do not belong in civil societies. They only belong to the military. For example, all people have the right to drive on public roads unless they are incompetent, have committed vehicular crimes or have disobeyed traffic laws in a serious way. Also, certain types of vehicles are not allowed on public roads because they are not safe. The Second Amendment should be applied in the same way. No one intends to take guns away. But, we should not allow weapons with excessive killing power to be in the public sphere.

Arnold Potek



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