When someone says Medicare Expansion you should hear tax increase. Let me explain why the Federal Government has stood Federalism on its head. Now the Federal sees itself as master of the states not servant to the states. Federal Government is trying to bribe the state of Wisconsin to accept responsibility for an additional 82,000 people. Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Mary Felzkowski wrote “A recent study estimates that if Wisconsin accepts a full Medicaid expansion, individuals who have private health insurance would end up paying an additional $600 million to make up the difference.” As Robin Vos pointed out “In 2013, our state expanded Medicaid coverage to include every single person living in poverty in our state. This move means everyone in Wisconsin has access to health insurance. Keep in mind, with Medicaid expansion, we’re taking people off a fully, federally subsidized program onto one that the state will have to pay up to 10 percent of the costs.  The bottom line is we shouldn’t hurt the private health insurance system, raise health care costs or put taxpayers at risk.”

Clearly if we accept more people and increased cost this will mean the need to increase tax revenue. Plus we don’t know what will happen to the number of people who will qualify, what will happen with the cost of medical care in the future. Most importantly what will happen with the Federal commitment to fund this program?  We have all seen in the past we expand government, build a constituency then the Federal Government cuts funding and sticks the state with huge increases in cost and the need to increase taxes.

All the Democrats seem to want to do is increase the size and scope of government.  When they use the word free I hear tax payer paid for with less personal freedom. I long for the day when local government had the most effect on your life, followed by the county then the state. The Federal government would have the least effect on your life. We need to get back to a constitutionally limited Federal Government and 50 State experiments in innovation.


Terry Guanella


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