In disturbing news, our new State Representative, Gae Magnafici, seems to be stepping right into the same role as her predecessor, Adam Jarchow, by continuing his efforts to thwart local control and decision-making in favor of consolidating power in Madison with one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t work. 

For example, Rep. Magnafici is a co-author of AB-277 — a bill that would prevent local zoning ordinances from applying to the siting of concrete production facilities used for transportation projects. The League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the WI Counties Association are both against it. Why? Because it tramples on local authority and for no good reason.

I’m also concerned about Rep. Magnafici’s seeming lack of interest in growing jobs in Wisconsin. At her listening session in Grantsburg last month I spoke about the tremendous opportunity for growing jobs in Wisconsin by supporting policy measures to lead our state rapidly towards 100 percent renewable energy in the coming years. Other states, both “red” and “blue,” are poised to capture the tremendous economic growth that is occurring in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors and Wisconsin is being left behind. Disappointedly, Rep. Magnafici has refused to sign on to any clean energy job proposals that have been introduced. 

At this point in her tenure, I’m becoming more and more disappointed in her votes and actions and her lack of initiative on important issues. I’ve spent time and energy writing to her numerous times about the issues above and many others and have given her a wealth of information to help in her understanding. I have heard nothing back from her, not a peep. I can only conclude that she doesn’t care and feels that there is no need to respond to her constituent’s concerns.

John Bailey


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