A letter to members of the Osceola School Board:

I am writing to show my support for keeping tennis on as a sport at Osceola High School. The job of our education system is to prepare our children for life as adults. Tennis is one of the few sports we offer them that they can play their entire lives. It is a lifelong sport that will cost little for them to participate in and requires no organized league, all they need is a racquet and one friend to make a game. Most of the kids in this area have no opportunity to learn how to play tennis until they get to our high school. If we don’t teach them the sport, most will never learn and will be missing out on an activity that can keep them active and healthy all their lives. The cost of funding a tennis team is small compared to other sports, yet the lifelong payout is greater. 

I know this is the case with my son and his tennis partner, they make up a doubles team and have since their Freshman year (they are now Juniors). Although neither had played before, other than messing around with a racquet, I have watched them grow from timid novices on the court to confident, aggressive players. Already my son is playing tennis with his cousins and friends outside of school. Even from where they are now, they still have so much to learn! 

Unlike many other sports where kids have to play for years to make it at the high school level, tennis can be picked up relatively quickly. In my short time watching OHS Tennis, I’ve seen kids come into it in their Sophomore, Junior, and even Senior year and quickly develop a skill and passion for it. Examples are our current foreign exchange student and 2nd doubles team. 

I know tough choices have to be made after the failure of the referendum, but our priority still must be preparing our children for life as adults. Tennis is a sport that the boys and girls in our high school will benefit from long into their lives.

Barb Durand

Star Prairie


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