Washington, D.C. doesn’t need another politician. Our representatives need to have one thing in mind: service. In the race to replace Sean Duffy in Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District, there is only one candidate who puts country before their career interests. That man is Jason Church. 

Church is running for Congress because he wants to keep fighting for our country. Service, not career aspirations, is his only motivation.

We have seen other very successful people follow the call to serve, most notably President Trump. A political outsider, the President put his career on hold because he wanted to give back to his country. Under Donald Trump, Wisconsin is thriving. Mr. Church is following in the President’s footsteps because he wants to work with him to make sure that our state and nation stay great.

Mr. Church supports building the wall. He will work to create jobs and cut taxes. He will protect our constitutional rights, especially the right to bear arms. He will stand up for the sanctity of life. Most importantly, he will support President Trump and fight against the Democrats impeachment proceedings. 

I supported President Trump when he announced his candidacy because I am tired of career politicians acting in their own interest instead of doing what’s right for our country. That is the same reason why I am supporting Jason Church. Mr. Church will fight and do what’s right for the people of Wisconsin. I urge you to join me and vote for a public servant, not a politician, on February 18, 2020. 

Charlotte Rasmussen

Stanley, Wis.

Paid political endorsement


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