Donald Trump’s defense has centered around several issues.  1. He didn’t do anything wrong.  2.  Impeachment is trying to cancel out the will of the people.  3. The opposition to this president began at the moment of his election so people are out to get him.   4.  Those who favor impeachment hate Donald Trump.

He has obstructed the gathering of evidence.  He has bribed a foreign ally for the sake of his own re-election.  How do we know he did nothing wrong if he prevents the testimony of witnesses?  How do we know that he won’t behave this way again if he is not stopped?  Simply put, if he is innocent, as he claims, then why prevent the evidence from being presented to the citizens of the United State so an honest hearing can occur?

He did not win the popular vote.  He and others tampered with voting in in several states to win the electoral college. He invited Russia’s Vladimir Putin to hack balloting and create fake news. This is not an honestly elected man who represents the will of the people.  This is a man who manipulated the election process for a dishonest win.

Opposition to Trump began from the moment of election because it was deserved.  From the outset, his statements, bullying, lying and creating chaos were all reasons to be very wary of a man who looked up to awful dictators as examples of capable leaders.  Another reason is his refusal to disclose the possibility that he cheated on his taxes.  

 Of course, those who pursue impeachment dislike this president and the Republicans that support him.  As of November 2019, 69,500 children are still being held in camps.  He has awarded tax breaks to wealthy corporations.  And, now, the funds for education, health care, and social programs for vulnerable citizens are being eroded.  He is awarding chunks of the natural environment to developers.  He alienates world democracies. He has created a chaotic foreign policy.  This puts at risk our world and the soldiers we send to help.  More people now are uninsured. He has an acceptance of dangerous prejudice against minorities.  He has created a brutal immigration policy that puts to shame American values of diversity and compassion and corrupts Judeo-Christian morality.  What’s to like?  What’s not to hate?

Arnold Potek



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