On October 13 during a Florida rally, Donald Trump was quoted “I feel powerful”.  It made me wonder what sort of powerful.  Was he empowered to stop separating Central American children from their parents?  Was he empowered to do everything possible to reunite those children who have been held in detention centers?  Was he empowered to take back the tax break to the excessively wealthy so there would be money to help the poor and jobless?  Was he empowered to allow the scientists to help make a national and unified policy to reduce death and disability from the pandemic?  Was he empowered to demand the production and distribution of protective supplies and testing to protect health workers?  Was he empowered to censure white supremacist militias?  Was he empowered to condemn rogue police who make the lives of honorable police difficult and at risk?  Was he empowered to condemn Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Erdogan and other vicious dictators who imprison, starve and torture their own citizens for non-crimes?   Was he empowered to change his mind about the need for a compassionate health-care policy?  Was he empowered to tell the truth every day?

Or, was he referring to his poisonous control over the Republican Party? 

Arnold Potek



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