To clarify a few things for the ignorant political masses of America and especially those many fake journalists in the media: The words lynch, or lynching is not a race specific term and black people don’t own it!  Since 1882, at least 1297 white people have been lynched in the United States. 

Does anyone remember Bill Clinton’s impeachment by the House back in 1998?  Either short memories or selective memories in play once again.  In or around December of that year, more than a dozen Democrats referred to the Clinton impeachment hearings as a lynching.  Just to name a few of them, they included Joe Biden, Danny K. Davis, Patrick J. Kennedy, Gregory W. Meeks, Jim McDermott, Charles B. Rangel, and Jerrold Nadler.  Imagine that!

 The big difference between the Clinton and Trump hearings is that the Clinton hearings were transparent and both parties participated in the process.  But that is not so today.

 President Trump hit the nail on the head when he referred to the impeachment hearings against himself as comparable to a lynching in that a lynch mob is generally made up of a group of angry people hell bent on hanging someone with complete disregard for the legal process and the rights of the accused.

 Nuff said.

Thomas Wulf

New Richmond

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