I feel that liberal publisher Tom Stangl to charge $25 for endorsement letters is an attempt to silence conservatives!

I would like to think he is just a money grubber as suggested by his quote “We are looking to get paid for letters that urge readers to vote a certain way on Election Day”

I certainly have a number of questions on this policy. Will this paper then not print articles with their very liberal point of view on candidates and issues? If I have to buy an ad for my candidate why won’t I wait until the week prior to the election to place my ad? Why would I want to give the opposition time to react to my claims? If you don’t like letters from outside your readership then only allow free letters to readers who have a yearly subscription? Will I be charged if I respond to these ads called “letters to the editor”? Will I be charged if I respond to your liberal comments?

Why do you want to offend the conservative readers of your paper? Why do you only want your liberal voice heard? Are you afraid of a free open honest debate of the issues?

Terry Guanella



Publisher’s note:

Election letter policy

The Sun will accept election letters endorsing or advocating for or against a ballot measure, party or candidate as paid advertising announcements. The fee is $25 minimum for a 250-word letter and 10 cents a word for additional words over 250. Like other letters to the editor, the writer’s name, address and phone number are required. Phone numbers are not published. The Sun has the right to reject letters which don’t meet publishing standards and will determine if the letter qualifies as a paid endorsement. Paid letters will be identified with a label and may or may not appear on the opinion/letters page.

Mr. Guanella is entitled to his opinions on this issue. As I stated in my column explaining the new policy in last week’s edition, we are charging for letters that urge the reader to vote for a specific candidate or position on a ballot issue. Example: a letter containing the phrase “You should vote for John Doe” will be a paid ad.

All other guidelines concerning letters to the editor apply. 

Tom Stangl, publisher

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