Please don’t lie to us, we can certainly see you’re a liberal if you’re listening to Public Radio and vilifying Trump supporters for booing the “Media.”

 Maybe you should ask why they are booing. The Media Research Center “Over the summer — June, July and August (2017) — 91 percent of such statements have been negative, as opposed to 9 percent positive, the organization has determined.” Pew Research Center found “Only 5 percent of the coverage of President Trump’s first 60 days had a positive assessment. In comparison, President Obama’s first 60 days had 42 percent of its coverage containing a positive assessment.” Trump supporters listened to the Democrats and media talk of nothing but Russian Collusion for two years until the Mueller Report came out with there was no collusion. Now the Democrats and media are both pushing impeachment! They both use the same words from the talking points email.  They start out with quid pro quo then after the democrat’s focus group test, it is changed to bribery and the other day it was no one is above the law. When the Democrats and media use the exact same language on any given day we can see they are working together.

 Maybe you should work on getting your own house in order before you criticize your customer.


Terry Guanella


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