My attention was recently directed to the subject of gerrymandering. Amused because the word sounds a bit like salamander, and the districts that its shape resembles sounds like the amphibian its name  resembles. However, I came to see it as a serious situation that hampers the fairness of our representative system. It seems reasonable that our system of elected representatives should be an opportunity for fair representation distributed throughout the nation or state, etc. It’s amazing that much time and effort is spent manipulating the boundaries of districts to alter the level of representation.

As our planet is divided by parallels and meridian lines, it make sense that these division would be a fair way to designate districts, at least, to the extent that their area would be consistent.

It would be great to have a non political group set up voting districts so they are equally available to whatever groups are seeking to provide candidates for office.

Perhaps, fair-minded people who desire equal representation for all groups could volunteer or be chosen to provide this important service to our country.


Carol Welch


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