The Friends of Osceola Public Library passed a resolution that we are organized to support the Wilberg Memorial Public Library of Osceola. We are proud of the support we have provided through volunteer time, book sales, meat raffles, dues of our membership and donations.

In 2017 a total of $3,842 was donated to the library by the Friends: $2000 for materials, $1000 for Rhubarb Days & Summer Learning Program and $842.50 toward the Imagination Playground.

2018 and 2019 were big years of change for Osceola Public Library – and for the Friends of the Library. We have a new building, new director, and new programs. The Friends now have dedicated space for book sales, enabling us to have monthly book sales that require less work for volunteers and many more opportunities for buyers. If you haven’t seen it, there is also a shelf of books to the left of the entrance where good quality books are always available for sale by the Friends. 

We present Books and Biscotti with a noted author each year in October. In 2018 Craig Blacklock was a great success and this year best-selling author, Brian Freeman was our guest. We are excited that the event has grown each year. We thank First Community National Bank for generously becoming our sponsor for Books and Biscotti.

In 2018, the Friends of the Library coordinated and, along with many community members, move the library’s collection to the new space, saving the library $13,000 in moving costs. We also contributed to the Summer Reading Program, bought a bookshelf in honor of Janet Len-Rios for $1000 and contributed $3,600 to the new library, providing us naming rights within the new library, which we hope will raise our visibility.

For many years, the Friends of Osceola Library have contributed $500 quarterly to fund library materials. In 2019 an additional $1000 was contributed to help fund the Summer Reading Program.  Funds from the State and Village can only be used for operations and materials. Because program funds must come from elsewhere, the Friends are proud to fund our library staff’s great creative programs. Finally, the Friends provided $3000 for books and movies to add to the collection.

For 2017 through 2019, the Friends of Osceola Library provided a total of $15,442.50 along with countless hours reading shelves, shelving books, and many other things that give staff more time to make our library the very best it can be.

Please check out our book sales which occur the first Saturday of every month – except September when we still coordinate with Wheels and Wings. Book sales are always a fun time!

We invite you to join us by becoming a member, a donor or a volunteer. We have a fine core of regular volunteers and we have lots of fun. Join today!!! 

Cheryl Beardslee 

for Friends of Osceola Library

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