Wisconsin Governor Evers’ recent Task Force on Climate Change Report (https://climatechange.wi.gov/Pages/Home.aspx) includes a recommendation to “avoid all new fossil fuel infrastructure” including fracked gas power plants. In spite of this, Wisconsin’s Dairyland Power Cooperative is still moving forward with the building of a fracked gas power plant in Superior, the Nemadji Trail Energy Center.

Fracking is just as bad for the climate as coal. The methane released through fracking and transport is 86 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 over a 20-year time period. Dairyland Power has not proven that this fracked gas power plant is needed or have they taken a thorough look at renewable energy or low-cost energy storage. To make things even worse, Dairyland Power plans to leave it’s customers on the hook to build the $700 million plant plus all future costs including paying for the fracked gas to run the plant.

So in the end, this fracked gas power plant is neither economic or is it clean.

Dairyland Power supplies energy to my cooperative, Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative. Although I have always been satisfied with my membership in the Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative, Dairyland Power’s unwillingness to commit to a clean future has tainted that relationship.  

It’s time that cooperative members have a say in their energy future. Please take a few moments to contact Dairyland at 608-788-4000 and ask for their President and CEO, Brent Ridge.


Melanie Weberg 


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