On Nov. 2, the St. Croix River Communities Against Frac Sand Mining will hold a benefit concert and community gathering at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Center at 519 280th St. Osceola. This event welcomes all who support keeping the St. Croix River clean and beautiful. Many of us here enjoy the river as a source of wildlife and recreation. 

We spend time on the river with our friends and families. We celebrate and measure the passing seasons with the trees and animals along the rivers’ edge, watching its changing colors and rising waters. The river has seen this land shift and develop for years beyond any of our individual lives and it unites us to each other and this place beyond any of our individual walks of life. The river will continue to be the heart of this community after we are gone. This event hopes to bring people together in support of good stewardship of the river, protecting its clean waters, and speaking for safe and healthy practices in the community. 

 Though the beginning of this summer saw upheaval in the area over the activities at the Rybak Mine, the community and Town Board are now working together with the Mine to try to understand how to act in the best interest of the township, residents, and prospective local businesses. 

The Town of Farmington gathered a committee of volunteers together with one board member and a representative of the mine in order to make recommendations to the Town Board and Board of Adjusters for drafting a mining ordinance for the township over the next six months, during which time no new mining permits will be issued. There is still much to learn about our unique hydrogeology and how to preserve our water resources, as well as learning about meeting local needs for gravel and limestone in safe ways. 

Musicians Steven Hobert, Dean McGraw, and Barbara McAfee will perform, joining piano, guitar, and voices to celebrate the event. There will be an auction of arts, crafts, and items from local businesses. If you wish to donate an item to the auction or for general questions please email stcroixrivercommunities@gmail.com. To anonymously donate to the event/group visithttps://www.gofundme.com/f/stcroixrivercommunitiesagainstfracsandmining. The included picture displays craft barn signs donated to the event that will be on auction. There is an admission fee. Children free.

Lindsay Potter



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