From my last Letter, I tried to be not too critical of those storming the Town of Farmington board meeting regarding a quarry. Apparently I’ll have to be a little blunter on the subject for recent area arrival, Mr. Forecki. 

Residents and citizens of the Town of Farmington do NOT include residents and citizens of the Village of Osceola. They are two different entities. It’s much like you going back across the bridge and thinking you have some rights to address the government serving Minnesota. The Town Hall in Farmington was NOT full of Farmington residents nor even Osceola as noted by the MN license plates parked outside. 

As for the Osceola Eco-Glee Club from the high school, the same applies to those area signatures. How many from Farmington? Did they even get 10% of the residents of either Osceola Village or Town of Farmington? And just how was that “Please sign here” directive prefaced? Then the Chamber of Commerce does a “survey” of its members. Those that wish can reply or not. (I guaranteed that is not a valid survey.) Shot-gun signature gatherings and random reply surveys are not conducted scientifically or based on a sound sampling basis. Results are questionable. 

Moving on to health concerns, can the writer site how air quality or water quality is at risk by a highly regulated DNR non-metallic quarry process? Just what do you think will happen to your water or the river? The flocculent chemical used in the operation is same as used in treating public drinking water. (2013 – Barr Report) Sometimes the castle stormers would be better off dropping their pitch forks and just yelling, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” At least then you could site chief environmentalist Dr. Chicken Little.  

Finally, the hospital and senior citizen center…although there have been discussions, there has not been any statement from the hospital objecting to the quarry. As for property values, it’s a typical excuse that seldom materializes. I’m sure the quarry operators would be willing to consider property value insurance or well damage insurance if you want to start discussing solutions. Maybe even negotiate for the operations to run from 7am to 5pm, M-Fr or not run trucks through Osceola. That’s not unreasonable from either side. 

Considerations always work better when you’re not after destroying a business and can strive for reasonable requests and alternatives. But until you take that tact, you’re nothing more than a pitchfork mob, short on facts.    

Glyn Thorman

Town of Osceola


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