There is a story by Hans Christian Anderson called The Emperor’s New Clothes.  It tells of a conceited arrogant king who wants the best most elegant clothing.  Many designers try to please him but he always seems dissatisfied.  Finally, a smart con-man comes to praise the king and tells him he will design the most elegant garments.  It turns out that he flatters the king so much that he convinces the king that the clothing he makes is the best ever.  In reality, the king is naked but believes that he has the most expensive most exclusive clothing.  The king’s flunkeys are afraid to disagree with him so they also flatter the king into believing that he is wearing great garments.  It takes a small child to point out to everyone that the king is naked.

Donald Trump has all the real clothes that money can buy.  However, he has no morals, no leadership ability, no plan for the country other than the profit of already rich people, no concern for any citizen without money, no conception of the truth, no understanding of the lives of minorities and fires the people who disagree with him in a country that should be protecting free speech.  And, he is surrounded by flunkeys like Mitch McConnel who are afraid to tell him the truth.  He is naked of all the qualities that a leader of America should have.

Now he has brought us to the brink of a war in the Middle East that is a direct result of his poor judgement and his excessive pride in dealing with Iran.  Is there any reason why we should trust this administration to steer us in a safe course?

Arnold Potek


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