One of the disappointing things I hear from people is when they say, “We have a community choir?  I didn’t know that!”    Not only do we have a community choir, but the choir has been performing for 19 years.    

Every Easter and Christmas (and occasionally in the summer) these amazing people come together to prepare and present a beautiful collection of music.  We perform at various local churches, nursing homes, and twice a year travel over to the Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul.  

This year, we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone and are presenting a very contemporary concert.  The music is energetic, the reflections from the Woman at the Well, the Blind Man who was healed,  the disciple Peter, and His mother Mary, are touching.  Then the realization that this Easter Story is all our story....well, it’s a pretty exciting concert.   

Music is purchased by choir members. Everyone involved is strictly a volunteer....the director, the musicians, the singers.  So why do we do it?  Because we love to sing and we love sharing the story of Jesus Christ. Our members range in age from 17 - 80.  

The concerts are free, though there is often a free will donation.  This year, all donations collected will go to Feed My Starving Children.  

Performances are on Good Friday (April 19) at the Osceola Community Church; Saturday (April 20) at the Presbyterian Church in St. Croix Falls, and Easter Sunday (April 21) at Hope Church in Osceola.  All performances are at 7 p.m. and are open to the public.  

 We hope many of you will take the time to join us this weekend. Surprise yourselves!

Linda Iwaszko


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