Last week, I learned that our State Representative Gae Magnafici put her signature on a Jan. 5 letter to Vice President Pence that questions the legitimacy of the Wisconsin November election.  Her signature and support of this attack on Wisconsin’s election system is outrageous.

Trump’s own U.S. Attorney General, Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security ruled the November elections free and fair. In fact, the DHS ruled it “ the most secure in American history.”  Additionally, courts and Judges (many appointed by Trump) across the country all debunked and rejected Trump’s lies of widespread election fraud including the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Despite all of this, Gae had the audacity to sign on to this dangerous attack on Wisconsin’s democratic process. She certainly has better things to do for our state than spreading lies, debunked conspiracies and encouraging division.

I noticed that Gae neglected to note this major activity in her most recent constituent newsletter.  Why is that?  Where is her public declaration in all the local papers that she believes that our election system is filled with fraud?  

I suggest that if she doesn’t believe that our state has and will continue to conduct fair elections, she should never again run for office.  Curiously, I have never heard her suggest that her own election victories be called into question!  

Representative Gae Magnafici should be ashamed of herself. I am indescribably angry that my Representative was a signatory on this pathetic effort to overturn the Wisconsin vote. 

Signing on to that letter was truly disgraceful and she should be apologizing to all her constituents or resigning from office.  Sincerely disgusted with her actions. 

John Bailey


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