My heart goes out to African-Americans across this country. It is not for the reasons Alana Cuellar expressed in her recent letter to The Sun. Yes, historically there had been a horrible ‘systemic inequity.’ That letter was titled, ‘Rage is a rational response to oppression.’ How can rage ever be rational? Somehow, we must give injustices our heartfelt concern, not excuses for destruction.

 Peter Drucker said, ‘the real problems of social responsibility are not irresponsibility, greed and incompetence…. they are problems of good intentions, honorable conduct and high responsibility -- gone wrong.’ The U.S. has spent over $24 billion since the start of the War on Poverty. So then, why should we still feel badly for these fellow Americans? Ironically, it is because we have squandered that money. Before it started, for example, one-fourth of all blacks were born out of wedlock. Now it is 70%. 

Most families without fatherly examples are doomed to “systemic inequity.’ Welfare systems oftentimes create drawbacks to healthy family structures. 

A study of Wisconsin school districts with heavy black enrollments shows general expenditures higher than the Wisconsin district average – with poor academic results. Ms. Cuellar shows police killings of blacks as the sixth leading cause of death among young blacks. Yet the first leading cause is blacks’ murdering other blacks. Yes, we threw money and big government at inequity, thereby displacing God’s plan, the nuclear family, and things got worse. 

 U.S. local police have proven high levels of integrity, self-sacrifice and dedication. A recent study by the Washington Post shows that police are 42 percent less likely to use lethal force when apprehending blacks than when apprehending whites. Even though blacks are 14% of the population, they commit 53% of the murders.

Never forget that the wealthy elite promote Identity Politics. These Silicon Valley executives, performers, Wall Street financiers, and the like then live in guarded, gated communities shielded from fulminating perils. 

 The Tytler Historical Cycle postulated that all societies sequence through times ofBondage, Spiritual Faith, Courage, Liberty, Abundance, Selfishness, Complacency, Apathy, Dependence, and then starting over with Bondage. We can beat it if we wake up to our current dependencies.


Doug Wellumson



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