I know that the governance of a county is a complex and difficult thing. To protect and enhance the lives of the people who live here. Financial responsibilities, environmental responsibilities, many issues and decisions to make. 

The thing is we rely on our board and its committees to make wise, informed decisions, to respect science and laws. Also I would expect the individuals to respect each other and the electorate. In addition I would expect them to develop good working relationships with other government agencies which we rely on. I am dismayed after my attendance at recent board and environmental services committee meetings.  

I was incredulous when the environmental services committee chose to recommend limiting winter use on the Stower 14mi trail to snowmobiles only. Common sense says the walkers, hikers, snowshoers, cross country skiers and snow bikers can not be on this narrow trail with powerful fast machines. 

I was grateful for the moratorium on factory farms, but shocked that no study was ordered or research to prepare for decisions that need to be made at the end of the moratorium.  I was surprised at the seeming ignorance of committee and board members re: issues and dismayed by derisive comments and laughter publicly made, in a formal meeting, made by members toward the DNR in the case of the committee and toward absent board members at the board meeting.

 I hope that in the future members will be able to be more informed, focus on issues and build respectful cooperative relationships with each other and the organizations they work with. Not to mention keeping the best interests long and short term of our county a priority.

I will be considering my voting choices very carefully in April as the present situation doesn’t seem to function in the best interest of the people of Polk County.

Mary Weinberg

Town of Osceola


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