I have sympathy for Arnold Potek.  I‘ve lived through Carter, Clinton and Obama and disagreed with all of them.

However he says Trump has not shown leadership is clearly wrong. He has reduced taxes and regulations to foster a robust capitistic society. We now have the lowest unemployment of 3.7% or full employment, minorities at or near record low unemployment. The poor are doing better because food stamps dropped to historic lows, with 1.4 million households and 3.6 million individuals dropping off the food stamp rolls according to https://onenewsnow.com/business/2019/02/19/trump-gets-food-stamp-usage-down-12-mos-straight.

As for free speech it was Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris that called for company to suspend President Trump’s twitter account. ref. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Sen-Harris-calls-on-Twitter-CEO-to-suspend-14485608.php

When it comes to starting a war in the Middle East it was Obama who gave the Iranians a path to nuclear weapons and a billion to fund terrorist without a ratified treaty.

It drives me crazy to see how many people want to destroy our capitalism system. A system that has enriched everyone who wants to work and improve their lives. Clearly Mr. Potek hates the rich and wants to punish success. He wants to take not make. I suggest he consider moving to a socialist country where they have all the free stuff like Cuba or Venezuela.

Terry Guanella


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