Incumbents State Assembly Member Gae Magnifici and US House Representative Tom Tiffany missed a huge opportunity to explain their COVID-19 response and actions to help ebb the rising tide of Covid-19.

Last week’s voter guide had the very simple question of “what should the state’s role be in the recovery?”

Assembly-member Magnifici first answered with a belief in personal responsibility and “wearing a mask when appropriate” and stating we have to “work together to slow the spread of Covid -19.”  Actions speak louder than words. Plenty of social media photos and observations at many local meetings show that appropriate mask wearing is really not a priority for the incumbent State Assembly member. 

For his part Rep. Tiffany did not even respond to the question. As fiscal conservatives, I would think that both of our incumbents would be ready to offer ideas to help with the pandemic and to set an example. The cost of lax adherence to guidelines is astronomical. Advocating just for keeping businesses open without regard to prevention is shortsighted. 

Covid -19 has been an opportunity to look beyond ourselves and wear a mask for the people around you – whether you know them or not, and regardless of their political stance.  Covid-19 virus does not discriminate. 

Republican Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey, is now urging Americans to wear a mask after he spent six days in the ICU and feared for his life. He even had the benefit of checking himself straight into the hospital. He and our President had similar hospital courses of being able to “check in” and getting Cadillac medical treatment, not something everyone else will have the benefit of receiving.

Therese Durkin, MD

Town of Osceola

Paid letter to the editor


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