In the July 17 issue, Mr. Wellumson sought to discredit me, and the non-partisan League of Women voters, with wild and erroneous falsehoods.  I would like to correct a few of his many deceptions.

Contrary to what Mr. Wellumson alludes, I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the League of Women Voters nor have I ever attended a LWV event or meeting.  Of the 15 plus people who spoke, no one was from the LWV.  How can a group that was not present “throw volleys of criticism’” and “take over limited speaking time”?  If anyone took away speaking time, it was Magnafici who cut the one hour meeting short by nearly 10 minutes.  

During the listening session, I mentioned the LWV as one of myriad opportunities that candidate Magnafici had to present herself to voters, in person, so they could determine her fitness for office.  She never once appeared in public.  Why? 

Once elected Magnifici “represented” us for an entire legislative session without the benefit of our input such as an open forum or town hall would provide.  The evidence suggests that, rather than representing her constituents as a whole; Magnifici represents the beliefs and opinions of her small cadre of insiders.

Mr. Wellumson stated, “Ms.Tiede often tilted at windmills.” Let me translate: I ‘attacked imaginary enemies.’  As I don’t have the space to address the condescension and latent misogyny in that statement, I will move on to factual information. 

Magnafici co-authored AB-277 that shifts control from local municipalities to Madison. This continues the policies of Jarchow and Walker who quietly concentrated power in Madison at the expense of local communities.  The list of what they have done is staggering and includes everything from local lake regulations to CAFOs.  With the latter, people are beginning to wake up to how they have been sold down the river.  What used to be under local control is now concentrated in Madison where out-of-state and out-of-country entities get rich with preferential treatment at the expense of our quality of life. 


Laura Tiede


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