Professor Todd Savage recently gave a nice presentation on Transgenderism at Osceola High School.  More should have been there. There were several takeaways worth examining. Firstly, society is changing its attitudes and laws about LGBT. Another is the transition from fact-based science to measuring feelings. Lastly, there are huge impacts upon society as we move toward a Post-Christian worldview.      

 Western cultures no longer treat LGBT people as pariahs by way of laws and exclusions. Unfortunately, there remain vestiges of those attitudes. Professor Savage highlighted the changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in its approach to such matters. I personally count this as gain.  

 Yet there is no benefit in how we have transitioned from factual science to the measurement of feelings. A baby’s external organs plus XX and/or XY chromosomes used to determine gender. Now attitudes focus on psychologic evaluations. Is this a valid method? The use of irreversible surgeries and drug treatment to modify genders reveals the extent that some practitioners must go to support their position. Professor Savage had to keep using the term, ‘true gender identity’ to make his point. What is more to build empathy, he cited statistical studies that always dealt with how LGBT people felt about their place in society, not particularly about that actual status.

 We may never have been a Christian society, but we always built formal behavioral codes based on Christian values. This is no more. Yes, people professing Christian values persecuted those not like them. Christ commanded us to ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ Yet GK Chesterton once stated, ‘The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.’ In a fallen world, we lose by not loving others enough. Opportunity for telling of everyone’s need for a Savior drops. Instead, we build what Professor Savage labeled as ‘policies, practices and procedures.’ In these social engineering efforts, we take our schools ever farther from education toward indoctrination.

Doug Wellumson



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