Do you recall the old monster movies when the village peasants gathered up their forks and rakes and torches to storm the castle, fearful of the unknown?

Residents “peered in through windows” is the tense scene as described at the recent Farmington Town board meeting by an excited Sun reporter. “Dozens of residents” implied that the attendants were all citizens of the Town of Farmington. Citizens quoted fearful impacts to a “first federally protected river.” One could almost hear someone chanting, “Burn the witch!” And a responding pounding of fork handles on the room’s floor.  

Uneducated is maybe too strong a word as is illiterate. But as you read the Sun story, you could see how self-described prominent people believe in internet rants and chants by anti-mining, anti-everything anarchists. M’gosh, we even had an Osceola High School club gathering signatures for more pitchforks. 

So what’s the uproar about? The best you can find is that the quarry is a threat to the beauty of the area, could generate jobs for people not our neighbors, will produce ½ the tonnage of Dresser Trap Rock and may fail after three years. Hardly the magnitude necessary for normal castle storming. 

The Town of Farmington board would do well to remember a crowded room is usually more non-residents than residents and that the entire room constitutes less than 10% of the town’s population. After you separate out the non-residents, the enviro-activists and the next door Not In My Back Yard (NIMBYs) the board will find the vast majority of their constituents aren’t present because they really don’t care. 

It’s a shame to waste all those extra pitchforks but maybe the Friends of the St. Croix, Friends of the Hospital and Friends Who Needs Friends will join in for the Farmington board castle storming event in August.  

Glyn Thorman



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