Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020 — I was eager to get this week’s copy of The SUN to see the 2020 Election Results. 

More specifically, I wanted to see how each of our communities in Polk County voted in the Presidential race as well as for local candidates. 

Page 1: Osceola School District closings followed by the School Board hearing about Covid-19 options takes priority over the fact: Red Wave Strikes Polk County, WI.  

We know this Red Wave did not come from the St. Croix River as citizens on the MN side clearly voted Blue. So, why bury the lead with regard to how citizens chose to vote in Polk County?

I have written for The SUN and continue to be a loyal, weekly reader. I am not affiliated with a political party and have promoted Purple Pride. Ha ha!

Yes, political tribalism is at an all time high (hopefully peak). However, it’s never a good thing when local media buries the lead in what appears to be an effort to soften the reality for a portion of its readers. 



Bernie Desmarais

Town of Osceola


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