More than 7,500 black men are killed in the United States each year, mostly by other black men, compared to the approximately 200 killed by police.  

    If black lives really do matter to BLM activists, why wouldn’t they be doing something more to reduce black on black violence rather than targeting our police?  Their destructive behavior has only made more victims of the violence they so claim to deplore!    

Here are some facts about black men killed by police each year: 

1.     Most of the black men killed by police had or were committing a crime, which is what initiated their contact with the police in the first place.

2.      Most of the black men killed by police ignored police commands, resisted arrest and attempted to or did assault the officer during the incident.  

3.      Most of the black men killed by the police were armed with a weapon and refused to drop the weapon before being killed.  

There are a lot of people who have been hoodwinked into believing BLM is a civil rights organization.  Black Lives Matter members have been linked to more than 90% of the riots in the US this year.  Don’t count on the media to tell you the truth about them nor politicians either.  Look for yourself and you will see the trail of destruction they have left behind in cities all across America!

Shouldn’t all lives matter?

Thomas Wulf

New Richmond 


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