For 20 years or more, Democrats have been fighting against voter ID laws and requirements.  Their claimed intent was that not a single person should be discouraged from voting regarding voter ID requirements.

Fast-forward to November 2020 and you will better understand their real intent.  Assisted by a number of Democratic governors who violated their own existing state election laws by ignoring and changing them without legislative action.  This resulted in at least six battleground states and the presidency being won by Biden in all six.

I do not doubt that the actual count of the ballots was correct.  The real problem is that many of the ballots themselves were illegally filled out and submitted. 

If this election is not overturned and these problems corrected, our country will no longer exist as a Republic and only God knows what we will become. 

Leave it to Democrats, just one more example in Minneapolis where they recently cut $8 million from the police budget with violent crime being up by 20% this year.


Thomas Wulf 

New Richmond 

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