Below is a recap for the Oct 1st board meeting:

• The Town Board approved to hire Public Administration Associates (P.A.A.), LLC to do a organizational study. This study will help determine two things: —If we need to add full-time or part-time Public Works help for Paul, and

—If we should hire a full-time Clerk/Treasurer, or 1 part-time Clerk and 1 part-time Treasurer

• P.A.A. will start next week with interviewing our current staff and board members. They will then compare our town size, road miles, and many other items to other towns close to our size in the state of Wisconsin. Once they are done gathering info, they will then generate a report for us and present it to the town at a regular board meeting for everyone to listen. The cost for the service is $4,700.

Because we are waiting to see where our money will be best-spent (full-time or part-time help), all hiring is currently on hold until the study is complete.

• Because our current Clerk/Treasurer has resigned and will be done on the 25th of this month, we had two town taxpayers (with many years of experience) offer their help (for no charge) to ensure everything continues to get done. One of those taxpayers was formerly our Clerk and has been a Clerk/Treasurer for over 25 years. I have to say that we are very blessed by these selfless people. We will be posting the hours they will be in the office on the website and at the Town Hall.

• I want thank all 40+ people who showed up Oct 1st for stating their concerns on the agenda items. I hope to see you all again Oct. 22 for the public hearing regarding the town going to a 5-person board. I think we are starting to head in the right direction.

Brandon Whittaker 

Town Supervisor 

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