I help people who help cats. In the course of my work I hear a lot from people about how our animal welfare organizations are not helping cats.

Let me share a story I heard recently. This is not the first time I’ve heard a similar story, but it’s time to share what I’ve learned.

I recently assisted a woman with spay/neuter services for two juvenile cats that she found as kittens in her goat barn. She knows these kittens were left on purpose because she saw it happen. She saw a truck pull up to the barn where a person holding a small package stepped in through the barn door and exiting seconds later stepped back into the truck and drove off. Somewhat alarmed the goat owner quickly headed into the barn to check on the package. She found a box with two tiny kittens about six weeks old inside. 

This woman did not need any more cats. She had already responsibly altered and vaccinated four cats for mouse patrol in her goat barn. So, she called her local humane society requesting help to take the kittens.

The humane society would take the kittens for a $50 surrender fee, per kitten, she told me.

As she said this she looked at me and asked “Do you think the people who left these kittens in my barn were told the same thing, but could not pay the fee?”

It is entirely plausible the shelter forced these people to abandon these kittens. 

When are the citizens of our community going to have a humane society who provides services the public are expecting without being coerced?

Ask to attend your humane society board meetings and demand transparency and change.

Tanya Borg


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