Jason Schulte

These past seven days have had several notable occasions, some of which are cause for celebrations, while others are far from that. 

On March 11, 2020, was when the world first got the impact of COVID-19. It had reached a local impact first with the news a visitor who was at the Destination Imagination event in Osceola tested positive and the School District closed to clean, but soon reopened. 

I was in Baldwin covering a political fundraiser during the evening hours and instead of shaking hands with everyone they were doing the arm bump. I was befuddled. Why are they doing that?  

As with a lot of things in my life, as sporting events were being canceled that really started to hit home on the impact. Then, the whopper came when Governors were closing schools temporarily, then permanent for the rest of the year. 

A year later, it seems like events pertaining to COVID-19 are better than what they were six months ago, heck, even two months ago. Events or summer festivals, which were eliminated last year, could actually occur this year. 

The hope is we stop sparring or fighting over the last 12 months because they’re gone, they’re never coming back and just appreciate what could return in our lives again. Yet, the chances of that happening are about as much as I’m going to see the Minnesota Vikings win the Super Bowl. 

March 14

March 14 was also a significant day. 

While it was Celebrate Scientists Day or Learn About Butterflies Day, that’s not what I was referring to. 

Yes, it was the start of Daylights Savings Time, which threw everybody in our household out of whack thanks to losing that hour of sleep. 

No, I’m referring to National Pi Day. It’s the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. It’s first three digits and most recognized digits are 3.14. 

I knew the importance of the day in our house growing up being the son of a math teacher. 

If one looks online, ways to signify the day is to look for 3.14 in unexpected places or watch the Life of Pi. Let’s face, 99% of the world will mark the occasion by eating pie. 

Which is what we did. Due to the day, I made a stop at our local Perkins late in the evening in which the only pies they had yet were chocolate silk or peanut butter silk. The gentlemen behind the register say they went over 10 each of those pies along with a high amount of fruit pies. 

Sounds like a day enjoyed by many.

March 17

Having the middle name Patrick, March 17 means more to me than others. For those who don’t know St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, who was credited with bringing Christianity to its people. 

It’s safe to say in this country, the day gives people an excuse to wear green and partake in food and drink celebrations more than normal. Which is OK. 

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