Jason Schulte

If I had to rate what gets people’s blood boiling the quickest, it would have to be in no particular order: weather, politics or how their favorite National Football League team played on Sunday (or Thursday, Monday, Saturday, Tuesday). 

I’ve been a fan of the Minnesota Vikings for over 30 years now, yet, I’ve lived in western Wisconsin for almost the last 20. One time, I was having a conversation about NFL fan interest with an acquaintance in this area and they asked why haven’t you switched allegiances to the Green Bay Packers. I replied, I’m used to this suffering, why change now?

After two weeks, heck, even one week, it’s easy to overreact when it comes to the NFL. 

Yet, after watching the 2020 Vikings perform (if I can use that term loosely) these last two weeks, I’m going to say something, I never thought I would. 

Lose, lose and keep losing. 

Hopefully, the reward is the latest once-in-a generation college quarterback: Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. All he is done has lead the Tigers to the National Championship game in his first two years of college and is a prohibitive favorite to play in that game again.

I’ve never been the biggest Kirk Cousins fan to begin with and these first two games of 2020 have about put the nail in the coffin when it comes to it. Yes, he doesn’t have the greatest offensive line around him; yes, he’s missing Stefon Diggs, but if he’s supposed to be an “elite” quarterback, isn’t he supposed to rise above those challenges, make plays we don’t expect him to make, unlike throwing into double coverage like he did Sunday.  It’d be nice to see a mobile Viking quarterback elude a sack at least once a game. 

There are currently 11 0-2 teams in the NFL as I type this on Monday afternoon. 

My opinion, the Vikings have a great shot of landing Lawrence if things keep heading south. 

Look at the other 0-2 teams: The Miami Dolphins – they’ve got Tua. They have their quarterback of the future. 

Cincinnati – they’ve got Joe Burrow, they don’t need another one. 

Houston – they gave DeShaun Watson a lot of money. 

New York Giants – a second-year quarterback (Daniel Jones). Don’t know if he’s the one yet. Still have to see. 

Atlanta – still has an elite quarterback in Matt Ryan and shouldn’t be 0-2 after the way they dropped the ball against Dallas. 

Philadelphia – they still have a high opinion of Carson Wentz. Plus a lot of money was given to him as well. 

Vikings fans should watch out for these teams however in the race for number one: 

Detroit – If their season goes south, tanking could be in play (not the first time, we’ve seen that out of the Lions) and plus which Matthew Stafford has been their quarterback for nearly 10 years, so a change could be coming. 

Denver – Their second-year quarterback, Drew Lock, is looking to be missing some time with an injury along with their top wide receiver. 

New York Jets – Who knows what could result from this team? Their quarterback (Sam Darnold) is only in his third year, but the talent surrounding him has been terrible. 

Carolina – An even bigger unknown. First-year head coach, didn’t invest a lot of money or time in Teddy Bridgewater and plus their best offensive player (Christian McCaffrey) will be out due to injuries. In addition, this is the closest NFL team to where Lawrence plays college. 

The race has begun. I can’t wait. 

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