Jason Schulte

This week’s issues of both The Sun and Country Messenger have plenty for the reader to sample (We like to think they always do, but this week more than normal). 

For those of you who haven’t voted yet, both papers are running a Voter’s Guide in which candidates running for school board, local city council or state races answered questions on a variety of topics. 

We didn’t want to make them all about COVID-19, because everyone (including myself) is sick of tired of talking, reading or hearing about it. At the same time, when one topic has engulfed and dominated like COVID-19 since March, how can you not? 

We hope you peruse and read their answers. We also hope you come away from reading them at least a little bit informed about the candidates you want to vote for. 

The second additional helping is the final results of the Best Of which the public voted for earlier this fall. 

I’m not going to give away any results in this space. Just to let you know the final results are in a special section. 

Our bosses were happy with the results from year one in doing something like this. Like everything else, mistakes were made, and all can learn to make year two better than year one. 

A career like no other  

Growing up in central Minnesota there were a couple of staples in our house. One of those constants was the radio was always turned to WCCO-830. Which meant a couple of things I still remember to this day: 

The Cannon Mess on afternoons during the week. 

The Sports Huddle with Sid Hartman and Dave Mona on Sunday mornings.  

Both were must listens, especially The Sports Huddle. Hartman would get guests from all over the country (it still amazes me how he became friends with George Steinbrenner and Bobby Knight) and then the insults he would throw at callers were just amazing. 

Overtime, as I read more about Hartman and the career he had before I started listening and the career afterwards, how can you not be impressed? One got the feeling he would live forever. 

That’s when scouring through Twitter Sunday afternoon when I found the news he had passed away at the age of 100, I was a little in shock. Yeah, he was 100, but the man was still working, turning out columns for the Star Tribune and still appearing on WCCO Radio. 

What a career he had and what a life he led. 


This question came across a trivia website which I receive periodic emails from. 

Which U.S. state ignored Prohibition? A)Massachusetts B)Oklahoma C)Maryland and D) South Dakota. 

For no reason other than my gut, I choose South Dakota. The correct answer was Maryland. According to history.com, “The state’s many immigrants cherished drinking as a part of culture – and their legislators agreed.”


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