Jason Schulte

They are out there. Either online or spread through social media. 

“Skills or Things a guy should know or do”.

Everyone has seen versions of the list. 

Change a tire, Build a campfire, Change the oil in your vehicle, Learn CPR, Learn how to dance (Okay, that last one could be up for debate, but the first four are pretty standard everywhere). 

I would like to add another one: Constructing desks/tables/bed sets without help. 

I am not the most mechanically inclined guy. I know how to change a tire, but changing oil, not yet. 

At the same time, being the parent of two girls, I’ve spent more than enough time constructing toy sets and play sets over the years. Even a bunk bed set when they were younger. Sure, it took me all day, but no help was needed. 

Which leads me to the latest challenge: After several months of using either our bed or the couch as her work desk, the wife finally decided she needed an office desk because like everyone else, she’s been working from home since March and there are no signs of going back. 

She narrowed it down to a desk that could rotate up and down (which is the norm these days) and to give her plenty of room for her laptop and two desktops. 

To get it up and running along with getting two huge boxes out of the way, my job Saturday morning was to construct it.

After flipping through the instruction manual (I’d like to skip ahead, so I can tell myself, so, that piece goes there and then those two connect). The first couple steps went smoothly and as it usually happens, I ran into a couple of hurdles or more questioning myself, if what I was doing was right. 

Thank you You Tube. I typed in the item description and the how-to video was the first thing that came up. 

Problem solved and the rest of the corresponding steps went like clockwork. As I left Monday morning, the desk was still standing, the up and down function was still operational. 

It’s always satisfying to be able to do something like that when it’s known not to be one of your strengths. 

Satisfaction, part 2 

In this space last week, I wrote conspiracy theorists would love the fact; we could be looking at a Kansas City-Tampa Bay Super Bowl for the multiple storylines, which could spring from the game, mainly revolving around the two quarterbacks. 

Lo and behold, a questionable call (depending on who you’re cheering for) late aided the Bucs to clinch the victory over Green Bay. Kansas City had no problem with Buffalo, surprising no one. 

I’m a die-hard Viking fan and it indeed brought a smile to my face seeing the Packers lose Sunday. Yes, I know, Packer fans will bring up the four Super Bowls to the Vikings’ zero and the argument ends. To prove you can spin numbers anyway possible to back up your opinion, when the National Football Conference was started after the merger with the American Football League in 1970, do you want take a guess what the record for the Vikings and Packers is in conference championship games? Both teams are now 3-6. 

Jason Schulte can be reached at editor@osceolasun.com

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