Matt Anderson

Our publisher once told me, “Matt, life is a series of plane crashes. You can either sit in the dirt and cry, or you can dust yourself off and get on the next flight.” Gee, thanks, Tom!

Alas, he was right. After all, life is a series of highs and lows – flights and crashes, if you will. Currently, I’m dusting myself off and getting ready for the next flight that follows. My last flight got caught in a whirlwind of change, and took a sharp nosedive into the lack of work/life balance below. 

When I was offered the position here, I was thrilled to say the very least. Don’t mistake my eagerness for naivete! I knew I had some big shoes to fill and a heck of a lot more to learn, but I was ready to brace that storm, just not the hurricane that followed.

Things seemed to be going swimmingly at the beginning of this transition. I believe Suzanne even wrote about the editor who would be taking my place at the Baldwin Bulletin after my coming to Osceola. I was preparing to do what I could to teach this person what they needed to know before my transition and it all seemed to work out… until it didn’t.

“Are you sitting down?” asked Tom, just before breaking the news that the person who accepted the Baldwin Bulletin position two weeks before had dropped out at the last minute. This news came just days before I would be coming here, and now we had nobody to do my job in Baldwin.

Which means, I had to do it.

As of right now, I am still doing that job and this job for a grand total of three papers. Of course, I’m not doing this alone. Tom, along with others within the company, have been helping as best they can to keep the Bulletin afloat during this whirlwind, and have been doing a fantastic job. It was a plane crash, and I’m still dusting myself off, but the good news is that I can see the gate to the next flight.

We do have an editor lined up for Baldwin now. They will be starting the week of October 13. This means that Baldwin will be in good hands, and that my full attention will be here at The Sun and the Country Messenger. So, despite the fact that this is my second paper published as editor, I don’t believe that I am on the next flight just yet.

My point in telling you all of this is simply to thank you for your patience while I board my next flight. I want to be fully invested in my new position, and I have not currently been able to do so to the extent that I would like. That being said, I’ve got my boarding pass, my carry on luggage, and I’m buckled in. I’m prepared for takeoff.

I always welcome your comments, questions and concerns,, 715-294-2314.

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