Jason Schulte

If you were to put the proverbial gun to my head and ask me to choose my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman would probably be in the top three. 

It all started with “The Shawshank Redemption” in 1994. One wouldn’t think a movie about a person sentenced to life in prison befriending a fellow prisoner would be a hit with the under 18 crowd, but think again. It’s probably the movie I’ve seen the most. 

The following year “Seven” came out. Freeman starred in stellar films such as “Kiss the Girls” and “Deep Impact.” Heck, he even played God in “Bruce Almighty.”

Yet, there’s one film of his I’ve gotten a deeper appreciation of his over the last week. 

It all started Feb. 28. While pulling into our driveway, I noticed two police cars were lined up on the both sides of the drive. I went into our home, saw no one was around, but Archie, our dog was in the kennel. My curiosity was piqued. I heard some faint voices outside, so I decided to find out what was going on. 

About 50 feet away from our home I heard two male voices and then I heard my wife, Michelle. I got closer and heard her say these frightful words:

“My ankle is broken.”

Earlier, as I was driving back from Woodbury on I-94, I saw a full moon, which was big, bright and beautiful. Since my daughter Hannah loves space, I called Michelle and told her about it. 

Michelle brought Archie out as well. While walking, as he was pulling, she hit an unseen black ice spot and the rest is history. 

There was debate about taking her to Regions Hospital in St. Paul before settling on River Falls Hospital. Surgery was nixed that night because it wasn’t deemed “non-emergent.”  

A two-hour stay in the emergency room showed the ankle broken in two places and dislocated as well. The ER doc told us Michelle would require four weeks of non-weight bearing activities. The doc also said the orthopedic surgeon might say otherwise. 

He did. With the surgery date being set, he pushed the four weeks to six weeks at the earliest.

When those words were uttered to me, my mind immediately went to Freeman and “Driving Miss Daisy.” It wasn’t his greatest movie or his most well known, but the image of Freeman driving Jessica Tandy around sticks in your memory. The amount of time I’ve spent in a car over the last four days as I write this March 5 feels like forever. 

I was advised and it makes so much sense that I can’t look a week or three weeks in advance. Focus on doing one activity after the other each day. You can’t get too far ahead because you’ll drive yourself crazy. Only control the things you can control, they told me. 

The funniest moment of the week came during our staff meeting when it was suggested that it was MY dog that caused her to fall and break her ankle. 

No, I said, I got the blame because it was MY idea to go outside and see the full moon. 

Gotta go, time to go to the Piggly Wiggly again.


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